Top 5 Upcoming Gamers of 2021

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game franchise published by Activision. All rights are reserved to Activision and are not to be replicated.

Pictured: Obey Bams via Twitter

5. Obey Bams

One of the Obey Alliance’s top members, Bams is arguably the most skilled player to play the latest installment of Call of Duty: Cold War. Bams has now accrued a whopping 200K+ subscribers on YouTube with nearly 14M views across his channel.

He commonly uses the “LW3 Tundra” sniper rifle and has made a name for himself in the gaming community by uploading his skills regularly across all platforms. He has an extremely high likelihood of surpassing half a million subscribers on YouTube within the next 6 months of the 2021 year.

Pictured: Arcn Logo via YouTube

4. SoaR ARCN (Arcnv)

Arizona Resident ARCN is one name that comes to everyone’s mind when they think about skillful gamers in the Call of Duty community. His ability to dominate public matches in the “Hardpoint” playlist of Modern Warfare is unparalleled, as he shreds through 7+ enemies all at once.

He was a #FaZe5 competitor in 2020 who gained an abundance of exposure from his submission to the popular gaming challenge. He has been using a Sniper in the Call of Duty franchise games for over a decade and has amassed an impressive 140K as of the day this article was published.

Pictured: Faabz Via Instagram

3. FatherFaabz

FatherFaabz is an American YouTuber and Tik Tok star who rose to fame by publishing videos of the popular video game: “Call of Duty”. He has been formerly involved with several large gaming organizations in the past and is regarded as a “Former CoD Legend” back in the day.

His ‘witty’ sense of humor has gained him millions of views on the popular platform and video sharing app TikTok. FatherFaabz is best known for his comedic “Pistol Only Run” series that contains over 5 installments of Call of Duty Games which quickly gained popularity this year.

FatherFaabz is 22 years old and has been pursuing the growth of his gaming platforms for many years. FatherFaabz has over 9 years of content creation experience and has the potential to be a very recognizable name in the community soon. He is very closely associated with some members of the FaZe Clan team and social media mogul Weekdayrehab. We hope to see a collaboration between FatherFaabz and these other creators very soon.

Pictured: xMarieAngel via Twitter

2. SoaR Marie (xMarieAngel)

Call of duty’s best female sniper is actively fighting misogyny on her new TikTok series titled, “This is people’s reactions to finding out I’m a girl on Call of Duty”.

Popular Twitch streamer Marie (SoaR Marie) has recently surpassed 1M followers on TikTok as a result of her skillful sniper clips on Activision’s Modern Warfare. She is an expert at the rapid, “one-hit-kill gameplay style” as referenced by Yahoo Sports, which has been the primary cause of the infuriating reactions she gets from other male gamers.

Needless to say, she is currently dominating the gaming community with her brilliant content creation and will only further advance in her career by the end of the year.

Pictured: FaZe Scp via Instagram

1. FaZe Scp (Scope)

The #1 spot on this list goes to no other than Luke, also known as FaZe Scope (Scp). He is one of the newest additions to the notorious powerhouse in the gaming community known as the “FaZe Clan”.

He has recently surpassed 240K Subscribers on YouTube and has officially been verified on Twitter as of late April 2021. Luke streams on Twitch regularly and is known to be both extremely charismatic and talented whenever he plays live to his audience. He has been grinding for FaZe Clan for over a decade when he was younger and has set the bar very high for their talent requirements.

Scp is one resident of Maryland who will surely make it to the top of the community as one of the most recognizable winners of the #FaZe5 Challenge along with others such as the “Agony Twins”.

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